CIA declassified: Legal sanctuary not a part of Marcos asylum

Marcos Files

From: O’ Leary, Jeremiah. “Legal sanctuary not a part of Marcos asylum.” Washington Post, 7 March 1986

The White House yesterday said the asylum granted to former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos by President Reagan does not provide the deposed ruler with shelter from the legal system.

Larry Speakes, the presidential spokesman, said there is no U.S.-Filipino extradition treaty, nor has the government of President Corazon Aquino raised any question of extradition.

Mr. Reagan, he said, had determined that offering asylum to Mr. Marcos and his group of 90 associates and family members was in the best interests of U.S.-Filipino relations.

Mr. Marcos and his group were flown to Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, on a U.S. military plane in an 11th hour action to prevent bloodshed from the aftermath of the hotly contested Feb. 7 Philippine election.

Mr. [Larry] Speakes said the Marcos group is in the United States under the attorney general’s parole authority, which guarantees them safe haven and protection from harm.

“I don’t think we can give them diplomatic immunity,” Mr. Speakes said. “It would have to be the Filipino government which did that.”

He said he did not know if the Customs Service has completed its inventory of possessions of the Marcos group, which included a separate planeload of crates containing currency and other personal possessions.

The new government of Corazon Aquino estimates Mr. Marcos has $7 billion in U.S. holdings, including $350 million in real estate in New York. About 22 crates flown to Hawaii with the Marcos party last week are said to contain about $1.2 million in freshly-minted Philippine pesos and other items of undetermined value.

“…troops loyal to Mr. Marcos in Manila planned a series of bombings, arson and murders last month so he could declare martial law and prolong his 20-year rule, the official Filipino News Agency said.”

“It was code-named ‘Operation Everlasting,’”

“It said the plan was devised Jan. 25 By [sic] the National Intelligence and Security Agency, which President Aquino has abolished. The agency was headed by Gen. Fabian Ver, Mr. Marcos’ armed forces commander and longtime confidant, who fled with him.”

“In addition, at least 37 parcels of choice property in Los Angeles and San Diego counties were linked yesterday to Mr. Marcos, his family and a former starlet who claims to have been his mistress.

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