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I will not, at least now, engage the post of the agitator, Sass Rogando Sasot. A tranny good for nothing who only engages in wars with the perceived enemy while he/she/it is safely tucked in the Netherlands.

It commands an army of followers, Troll Center Operators, and Blind Believers to the One True Greatest President in the Galaxy. Its command of the anger of the masses is superb. Sasot uses Facebook to disseminate his virus of a propaganda to simple minds, further feeding their echo chambers of free data Facebook news feed. Rage begets rage.

In social media, rage flies really fast, and spreads rapidly like a fire consuming dead farmland. It effectively uses this rage to fan the flames of simpletons. Research has shown that those of simpler mind will react to their baser instincts such as rage because they, simply, do not know any better.

Perhaps they themselves do not even know that Sass Rogando Sasot is a transvestite.


Welcome to Idiot America

Welcome to Idiot America

Trump has won. The Great American Experiment of Democracy has failed. The next four years will be a period of bigotry and paranoia, admixed with white supremacist motives and racist overtones.

Idiot America, White Trash, Hillbillies, Neo-Nazis, and Rednecks (IAWTHBNNRN) now reign. Stupidity reigns in the land of the free. Dictatorship of the Proletariat truly reigns in the home of the brave. A point can be made, however, that Trump symbolizes the White Man’s goal which is the subjugation of the inferior races, at least in his pea-sized brain. This new president of yours, America, is no white trash though he fancies and buffoons himself as such. 

The white man, being the simple man that he is, sees Trump as someone who knows their plight and sufferring from what they see as subhuman based on the color of their skin. The white man, a true Grade A simpleton, believes that Trump will shift the jobs from colored folk to white people. He sees Trump as the promised Messiah who would save them all from the scourge of immigration. The ignoramus views Trump as the triumph of American Spirit and Industry. 

Trump is a businessman. As a businessman, he cares about the profits and gains. The losses and benefits. If he thinks that he can gain by using whites, by all means he will do it. If he can gain more leverage in using the other races, he will do so. For Trump, now, is not just a businessman but also a politician. 

And, one last thing, America….