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Dimwit Fanatics

Retarded supporter of the Hitler-esque hijo de puta of our president, nay, our Fuhrer. The way some of his supporters defend him makes him almost godlike. Well, all hail Kim Jong Il. He cannot commit mistakes. It’s the biased media (“Kultong Dilawan,” “Biased Media”) that is spinning his words.

His communications department must be on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, given his daily blunders, from doing the dirty finger to comparing the massacre of suspected drug pushers to the Holocaust.

His ego knows no bounds. His fanatics are thousands of paid trolls. Unfortunately, some legitimate supporters are buried in the avalanche of idiocy that is social media.

Summary of the “arguments” of these supporters (arguments in quotation because these are not arguments but severely simplistic thinking fit only for those with severe mental retardation). Yeah, I went there. Look at the comments and you shall see how the Philippine education system has failed you and all of us. The average Filipino is this and this is how they think.


Argument 1: If you’re not with us, you’re with the Yellow Cult (“Kultong Dilawan”).

Black and white thinking. Nothing in between. This duality stupefies me. Assumption: no middle ground can be reached by both parties. Just thinking about the stupidity of this argument makes me want to kill myself. The only reason that the dimwits who make this argument is still alive is that their skulls are so hollow that they are born without the organ residing in there.

Argument 2: I hope your loved ones get murdered by these druggies

Another poserly argument. Come on, how many of those who made these arguments had a relative who was murdered by a drug addict? If not, you are just plain ass phonies looking for attention and likes (like your drug, except free, you just need to sell your soul). If your relatives are still living and not killed by these addicts, SHUT THE FUCK UP.