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The Troll Farmer

The quiet is appaling. Since the last 4 months, the Philippine is under the reign of a madman, backed by an army of mindless fanatics, determined to wreak havoc of what we have done as a democracy.

This madman said that he should be first in raping a foreign missionary, said son of a bitch to President Obama, and also said “fuck you” to EU with a serving of the middle finger. A misplaced sense of machismo is what this fucker is all about. He is all words. Who the hell would put himself in harms way to plant a flag in Chinese-controlled territory to prove a point? He is but one man against an army of soldiers tasked to secure the place.

At the center of this campaign is Mocha Uson, the mouthpiece of this current administration. The slut is trying hard to change her image from a pornstar selling sex toys and teaching men/women how to eat pussy to becoming someone decent. I, for one, think this is a career move for people to forget what a slut she is. How much does she cost for one night of fucking, I wonder? Though she claims that she kicked out one of her pornstar friends when she found out that this proposition was answered with a yes. If the president asks her to be his fuck buddy, I bet that she would gladly agree, free of charge.


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These Screenshots Speak For Themselves

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.53.25 PM