Monthly Archives: January 2012

Corona the Corrupt

Chief Justice Renato Corona now stands trial for his crimes against the people and the nation. He is a betrayer by being involved with the usurper Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. We all know why he got the post that he currently has. It is all because of his connections with the former president and for that president, in her last attempt to save her skin, planted a termite in the justice system. He brings shame to the whole of the Philippine Justice System yet there are still those who are willing to defend him just because he has the money (taken from the Treasury) to pay for his legal expenses.

As a minion of the former president, he also basked in her power and influence. That is why he was able to buy the multiple condominium units while simple math and logic would prove that it would take an absurd amount of time for him to even acquire one for the meager salary that he is getting, unless of course he has a lot of “bonuses.” He could easily name his other properties for his children and he could claim that it was theirs or to his other relatives who are close to him.

Of course, this comes at a price. He must absolutely, positively follow what GMA wants. This includes disrupting the process of justice against the enemies of the people which includes his “godmother.” There is no honor in defending the dishonest. What has happened to you? You use technicalities to delay the inevitable: your trial with the court of the people.

I once believed that Filipino politicians became corrupt to provide the best for their families because of the closeness of the Filipino family. However, this is beginning to change especially in the urban setting because of the influence of Westerners and children seek more independence from their parents. The reality is simple: the family is a mere excuse for greed. People would use their family as an excuse for their shameful actions. I would really doubt, Atty. Corona, that your descendants would be proud of your involvement in attempting to destroy this fragile democracy of ours by undermining it with your selfish intentions.

I hope that the new crop of lawyers that would graduate from the countries law schools would not just try to keep the word of the law but the spirit of the law. When lawyers are too scared to face the fury of their rich but corrupt peers, dark times indeed are inevitable for the future of p